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Xbox updating avatar clothes and accessories

Microsoft had decided to save the announcement of some "exciting" new features for its E3 press conference next month.

If you have Windows 10 already you will soon be able to access game hubs for each title you play, similar to Xbox One, where leaderboard and achievement information plus community updates and DLC details are all collated.

An avatar could be customized by its owner with a "trigger event," which could include user-entered textual data or emoticons.

It could even change a user's status based on data on the phone; for example, when it is someone's birthday, their avatar might be shown with a background showing balloons and fireworks.

But this week's latest applications are all about simplifying that process, and automating the creation of a character as well as updating its status.

But there's little new for Xbox One next month - at least, that we know of so far.

Download it for free and customize your avatar on the go!Nintendo was soon followed by Microsoft, which added cartoon-style avatars to its Xbox 360 interface, and Sony, which took a more realistic approach for characters in its Play Station Home service.Apple's application describes a system that would analyze a photograph and assign a value to different aspects of a person's face.Among those credited for the proposed invention is Bertrand Serlet, the former senior vice president of software engineering at Apple. A second application was also published this week by the USPTO related to digital avatars for Game Center.Others credited are Ale Tremain Nelson, Cedric Bray, Thomas Goossens, Merwe Rudolph Van Der, and Richard E. Entitled "Avatars Reflecting User States," it describes different ways that an avatar can be modified to represent a user's current mood or status.

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In those examples, users would start with a blank canvas and choose basic features like hair, a nose eyes and a mouth to create their character.

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