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From there communication may go off-line and in to real world spaces, or relationship building may simply continue on-line.

Virtual dates might even be had through various means, such as in virtual worlds like Second Life (Ross, 2007).

It will highlight key players in the electronic dating business world, as well as upstarts that are presenting challenges to these incumbents’ business models.

Lastly, it will parlay some predictions about the future of electronic dating communications technologies, including how web culture is shaping its future.

This web culture will shape the future of electronic dating.

Because this report details the present state and potential future condition of electronic dating, the term “electronic dating” will generally be supplanted throughout by the more commonly used term, “on-line dating”, the most critical and over-arching innovation in electronic dating today.

The web has given birth to many popular on-line dating services and newer emerging services are becoming increasingly more used.

Stigmas associated with on-line dating are invariably fading away with on-line dating’s rising acceptance and popularity.

* * * Introduction Dating is a commonplace societal practice in the Western world, a practice which is initiated by some sort of communication and an exchange of information between two parties.

As stated in the aforementioned report, electronic dating is any form of romantic-partnering communication which takes place over an electronic network.

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Thesis The Internet is the primary networked communication technology for electronic dating today.

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