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Www datingdove com

He referred to her as his "fiancée," adding, "I can't believe I get to call you that.

Thanks for saying yes." However, the pair broke up less than six months later. "She’s funny and she has this like beautiful angelic image and it’s just like ‘ah Dove.' It totally goes with her name and then you meet her and that girl is down.

and Dove auditioned to play just one character: a girl named Alanna.

The blended-family storyline didn't do well with focus groups, though, and Disney came back with the announcement that they were changing the show to be about twin sisters.

But it sounds like Dove might be a perfect fit for the show, since an executive producer hinted that may introduce Sabrina the Teenage Witch in future seasons.

No official plans to incorporate Sabrina—or cast Dove—have been announced, but Dove said in an interview, "I'd definitely be open to it.

I was so green, they trusted me with a lot." “The first time I got recognized, I had a panic attack and had to go into a Nordstrom for half an hour and cry,” Dove told .

It ended up coming down to Hailee, who got the role, one other girl, and me.

Dove has even called Emmy her "best friend." Hailee Steinfeld had some stiff competition for the breakout role that earned her an Oscar nomination.

"The first and only thing I went out for when I lived in Seattle was ," she told Zimbio.

"When I first auditioned for the show, I asked who I would be playing opposite me.

And even though they could not tell me at first, they told me she was someone I would really like.

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And when I found out it was Dove, I was thrilled since I respect her and her talent very much." noted her talent as well, calling her a standout that "ground[ed] the show with poise and pitch-perfect melody." One blogger praised her "buttery singing voice..felt like a warm hug." "I don't curl it or straighten it or blow dry it on a daily basis because I'm blonde and it would just be gone at this point if I did," she said.