Wrestling fan dating

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"I've had many, many matches over the years, and the physicality and the injuries are definitely very real.

"There's no special preparation - as crazy as it sounds, it's just another day at the office for me.

"After 11 years, the satisfaction I get at this level is being able to make a full-time living, travel and perform.

I can provide for my family and take care of my wife and dog.

Wiley, Parker and Connelly Are Discharged in Police Court in That City, (Olean, NY), Friday, March 8, 1912, Page 1.

1913 GOOD-BYE OLD WRESTLING GAME Climax of Fakirs Record in Brown-Peddler Match Last Night – Deliberately Fixed in Advance. Tried to Put Over One of The Oldest Fakes in The Game – Some Inside Information on How it Was Done, (Lincoln, Nebraska), January 14, 1916, Page 3.

"To me, it's just another day at the office, like anyone else doing their 9 to 5 job. "You know, some people have to use a frying pan to make an egg for their job, and we have to use barbed-wire bats for ours." And it's not just a men's sport - female hardcore wrestling is "extremely popular", according to Matt, with women even taking on men in the ring and a "huge, growing market" for inter-gender fights.

Others hurl themselves off rooftops or scaffolding into pits of fire, glass, barbed wire - or all three - in front of wild, cheering crowds."Knock on wood, I've never had any broken bones, but I've had many trips to the hospital to get stitched up or to close wounds," he said."I've had staples to the head, stitches to my arm and back, all kinds. The barbed wire is very real, the glass is very real, it'll cut you up and scar you up."When we're getting busted open, we're getting busted open the hard way."Whether that's a steel-chair shot, or being hit with a barbed-wire bat or some other weapon - I've got the scars to prove it and the stories to tell.

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