Word 2016 validating bookmark values vba pregnancy dating scan accuracy

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Word 2016 validating bookmark values vba

Trying to create my own CCK was fraught with frustration and I wasted copious time trying to bend Word Press to my will. As I write this v3.1 is going into beta and with its Internal Linking Dialogs, Post Formats and more Word Press continues to prove that it really is the best choice for almost every business CMS need out there.

Recently I met with a Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at a large well-known non-profit who is planning to launch a major initiative and he’d narrowed his choices of platform down to two (2): Drupal or Word Press.

So I decided I would build my own CCK equivalent and use Word Press instead. And then finally v3.0 was announce with Custom Post Types and fortunately I was in a position to just on the beta version.

Honestly, it didn’t go so well with Word Press at first. It soon became clear to me that the Word Press team got Custom Post Types right and that v3.0 was going to be a watershed release and, as they say, the rest is history.

Of course it would be unfair and disingenous of me to call out Word Press strengths and Drupals weaknesses without also telling you where I see weaknesses with Word Press and strengths of Drupal and for me not to tell you what are the use-cases where I’d be hard-pressed to dismiss Drupal in favor of Word Press.

But for those of you who can’t be bothered to read the details I can summarize in two (2) points: Drupal’s site architecture, which on surface appears quite elegant is in reality Drupal’s biggest weakness.

Word Press, on the other hand, bends over backwards to maintain an upgrade path between 0.1 versions.

Word Press and Drupal have some different terms for similar concepts and the following might be confusing if you are not aware of how these terms relate.

As for versioning, Word Press strives every four (4) months Need another opinion?

See Wikipedia’s criticisms of Drupal and the relative lack of criticisms about Word Press.

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The forums were not at all effective in the ways that other forums I’ve seen like v Bulletin have been effective, and using them as a user was far more pain then pleasure Actually at this point I think it’s counter productive to set up yet another social network but if you are convinced your strategy makes sense I’d be included to launch it on Buddy Press instead of Drupal, and Buddy Press is now a plugin for Word Press.

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