Windows media center epg not updating who is lady gaga dating in nebraska

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Windows media center epg not updating

A successful update to the guide was able to be show that the data was successfully being gathered from Rovi as shown below.And a successfully populated guide is the final step in validating that the new guide is now functioning correctly.I found an existing discussion on this topic at discussions on this thread and recommendations from ewtaylo1 (huge thanks! Recently I found that no programs were scheduled for recording on my Media PC.

As an example if you live in Houston: UPDATE: I have gathered all of the valid zip code information which I’ve been able to find online and combined it at: https://com/redir? 52294 A failure to get data for the zip code you entered will show up with an error like the one shown below.

With some debugging I found that the television guide was not updating correctly for my over antenna signals.

The issue was easy to see when opening the guide which looked a lot like the screenshot below.

B-) CLEAN GUIDE DOWNLOAD AND ASSIGNMENT (By Wyldwof): -Close WMC -Open Task Scheduler – Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools, Schedule Tasks -In the left tree expand Task Scheduler Library, Microsoft, Windows, Media Center -In the right pane under name, right-click Object Store Recovery Task, and click Run (let it run for 2 mins) -Close Task Scheduler C-DNS FLUSH -Click Start. -Select Accessories and locate the Command Prompt shortcut.

-Right click the Command Prompt shortcut and select Run as Administrator from the drop down menu. -Wait a few seconds for a reply that the IP address has been released. -Wait a few seconds for a reply that the IP address has been re-established. -Close the command prompt and reboot computer Last step is to run “Set Up TV Signal” from the WMC settings menu.

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Reference links: Summary: In my environment I was able to work around the issue by trying a variety of local zip codes until one of them would populate the television guide data correctly.