Why am i unsuccessful with online dating

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I was always left with nothing because I HAD nothing to fall back on. What I’m saying is, I have never felt forced to look good, I always wanted to, but for “who” was the problem.I found this quote on Tumblr (obviously my quote source of choice) and it is my past summed up in 24 words: “Perhaps the fact that I chased a boy that ripped me to shreds says a lot more about me than it did about him.” – Unknown. Going to bars with friends, I would always dress up and try to look as sexy as possible because my crush would be there.Simply being a good catch doesn’t mean others will be attracted to you in that way.On the flip side, sometimes it seems like those who haven’t done very much with their lives (or worse, those who take advantage of others), can effortlessly find sexual partners and even long-term relationships.

I didn’t have hobbies, a healthy way of relieving stress, or responsibilities to myself.When was the last time a man asked you, word for word “Would you like to go on a date with me? I started reading this book called It’s Just A F****** Date by Greg Behrendt & Amiira Ruotola.This triggered my epiphany of self-discovery with its witty knowledge and disturbingly accurate portrayal of my past relationships.I wore things that made me feel uncomfortable, did my make-up in a way that I didn’t feel was flattering and wore heels that I wanted to rip apart and burn at the end of the night. I would sign up for a yoga class so I could be fit for him. I’ve started embracing me: my own sense of style that suits what I want to represent myself as (ps.I would read a book he liked, check out bands he listened to, etc. modcloth is currently a favorite), expressing my own opinions and interests, and I feel more confident than I have in a really long time.

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