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It’s similar to the reality of making it, of working with Sean.Another of the film’s standout performances comes from first-time actress Bria Vinite who assimilated perfectly to star in so many scenes opposite a reputable actor such as yourself.“I understand why you ask a question like that but there’s no good answer.” Willem Dafoe is an actor unlike his peers.Hero, villain, historical figure – he’s played them all throughout his illustrious film career kick-started with) following a mischievous young girl living in a motel with her mother (Bria Vinaite) in Kissimmee, Florida.After playing the villainous Green Goblin in the original "Spider-Man" trilogy, he's also set to return to the world of superheroes in the upcoming "Justice League" and "Aquaman" films.And even though he already has more than 100 acting credits on his résumé, don't expect him to slow down anytime soon. Doing a lot of different kinds of movies always makes things feel like the first time," Dafoe says. I think I was probably bored when I was younger, but I’m not bored now." "Death Notes" debuts on Netflix Aug. "[Anime is] a world I don’t know so much, but there’s something classical about it... It’s a good form." As for whether a certain leader of the free world shares any traits with the nefarious Ryuk, Dafoe would rather not say whether Donald Trump is a shinigami or not, as he prefers to keep his political views out of the public eye. "I have my private opinions, and some people are very good at using their celebrity or public position to express themselves, but I become too self-conscious." However, he did add, "No, I am not a great fan of his.

Although Ryuk isn't on the side of the angels, he also isn't your typical bad guy.

It just feels special because so many of the conditions ranging from how it was made are not typical.

In what ways was it different for you as an actor being on set?

It’s a low-budget movie with a very strong script, and its very rare to have someone like Sean who’s a writer a director and an editor.

So I’ve experienced all those things before as aspects of movies but not all together at the same time.

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The film’s shining star is seven-year-old Brooklynn Prince. Her story is one in a million – what was it like working with her?

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