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Who is angus t jones dating now

In "Weekend in Bangkok with Two Olympic Gymnasts" where Judith told him to watch his mouth Jake replied," I can't watch it, it's under my nose".

" In Season 5, Jake starts junior high after it was decided that "it was in everyone's best interest that he moves on" from elementary.

Jake recently found out his dad was dating Eldridge's mom and after he found out told Alan and Charlie he wanted to live with Judith and Herb, Alan however promised Jake he wouldn't keep secrets from him anymore and came to live with him and Charlie again.

Alan thought Eldridge was a bad influence on Jake for convincing him to steal beer from Charlie, get drunk, and sneak out when grounded, but lets it slide when he dates Eldridge's divorced mother Lyndsey.

He becomes heavier, becomes lazy, and becomes a little dense.

In Season 3 Jake starts to get a little more rude towards Alan and Judith.

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A recurring theme with his character is having really low grades and eating a lot, as he's lazy.

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