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Her rise to stardom came with her debut album in 2004, which had 3 hit singles; “1,2 Step,” “Goodies,” and “Oh.” Ciara may have a great career in music but she’s definitely had a shaky relationship past (and present! She’s been linked to more than one famous rapper as her boyfriend in her time and has been in the middle of cheating scandals. Since the break up, Bow Wow has been open about missing Ciara.

Reid, who has famously worked with many pop stars in the early 2000s.

You usually find out about my relationships after they’re finished.”“That was an accident. So it’s enough space for us to actually still be into each other.

According to Renee, up until midway through High school, she had been working on a career as a solo recording artist. Hawkgirl of DC universe may be dating someone in real life but nothing has been spoken about this by her as of now.

To know her better do follow her on Twitter @Ciara Renee8.

Ciara has been around since the early 2000s as a pop and R&B star, working with famous stars like Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake and Chamillionaire. They dated for a year until 2006, even creating a song together called “Like You.” Rumor has it that Ciara’s boyfriend Bow Wow cheated on Ciara and she had caught him in bed with a stripper in Los Angeles and broke the relationship off.

With her debut as the witch in the big fish, this 5 feet 8 inch beauty has made many more appearance in the Broadways.

She has appeared in Broadway as Esmeralda of the Hunchback of Norte dame.

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According to Ciara “When I'm not working, I am an avid yoga enthusiast, boxer, runner and general healthnut.

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