What is your opinion on internet dating

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What is your opinion on internet dating

The question that demands an answer is whether it to use a dating service in an attempt to find a spouse. Before you create that e Harmony profile, be sure to patiently and prayerfully pursue your heart motives.

That answer will vary from person-to-person and it will depend on many factors unique to the individual and his context. Is it possible that you have not found anyone in your local context because you are waiting for the absolutely perfect person and no one has been able to satisfy your long list of demands?

It will be helpful to distinguish between inadvertently meeting someone through the Internet–through a common Facebook friend, through a forum, etc–and using a service like e Harmony that is designed for the specific purpose of matching people who would like to find a spouse. While the Bible praises marriage and demands that we hold it in honor, it gives very little guidance on how we get from single to married.

The Old Testament provides many and varied examples, but the New Testament describes and prescribes nothing.

Nothing in the Bible prohibits the use of a dating service or the use of any kind of media as a means of communication between unmarried men and women.

Also, many couples will first encounter one another through the Internet (and, in fact, there is one married couple out there that met through the comment section on my blog).

We suggest that you stick to well-known websites and do some research. Membership to these sites isn’t cheap, so if someone is paying, they are usually more serious about actually finding a relationship.

Conduct Internet searches in order to find out how many members are subscribed, read reviews that may include both good and bad experiences from the site. Does the site provide the name of a real person, or at least a phone number to contact if you have questions? Free sites tend to have more members, which equals more choices, but it also means there’s a higher chance of interacting with a scammer on a these sites.

When you create your profile and when you interact with others, be honest and forthright about yourself and maintain a healthy skepticism about others until you are able to get to know them offline. e Harmony employs all kinds of interesting algorithms to match one person to another, but it has neither wisdom nor the Holy Spirit to guide it.

It would be foolish to trust e Harmony over the counsel of Christian brothers and sisters who are prayerfully seeking to love and help you.

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