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” said Brent Rimerton, a 12-year resident of Kickapoo street, “I mean this will totally kick butt!” City Council members are encouraged by the amount of tourist dollars that will pour into the neighborhood.In May 1623 he agreed to meet an English emissary, Captain William Tucker, at the town of Patawomeck.(Some scholars argue that the meeting was, in fact, on the Pamunkey River.) With Patawomeck assistance, Tucker poisoned the drinks of Opechancanough and his party and then fired on the Indians. In the autumn of that year, the Patawomeck and the English jointly attacked the Piscataway Indians, and the next summer the Patawomeck may have assisted in a devastating attack against the Pamunkey.Based on accounts published in 16, they numbered from 160 to 200 men, and English observers suggested their tribal name translated to "trading place."The Patawomeck paid tribute to Powhatan, paramount chief of Tsenacomoco, a political alliance of twenty-eight to thirty-two Algonquian-speaking tribes centered on the rivers.

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The First Anglo-Powhatan War ended the next year and Powhatan died in 1618.

In 1619, Opechancanough likely began pressuring the Patawomeck to participate in a planned attack against English settlements.

In 1662, a group of Westmoreland planters—Brent, Fowke, John Lord, and Captain George Mason (great-grandfather to the Revolutionary-era George Mason)—attempted to frame the Patawomeck The planters were not deterred.

In 1663 Fowke raised a militia and led it against the Patawomeck without consent of the General Assembly.

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Archaeological work conducted in 1996–1997 determined that a Patawomeck settlement on Potomac Creek, where the creek empties into the Potomac River at Marlboro Point, dates to around AD 1300.

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