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IVC provides solutions to combine data from in-memory sources like Redis and Apache Spark, with databases like Postgre SQL As the database field moves to distributed designs, tradeoffs between data consistency, system availability, and uptime performance requires a holistic approach.

We believe streaming analysis and replication will lead the way forward.

Our main industries are Oil & Gas, Naval and Construction.

Never the less we are open to new ideas and can work together with our customers to create a bespoke project.

is under construction and will be unavailable for 3-4 hours on April 14, 2015. For questions, please call the Member Service Center at 781-878-0232.

Our Offshore package AIAOFFS is the same as AIAONS plus our ROV1A for under water inspections.Through our understanding of visual design and human interaction we help our customers uncover and meet the needs and demands of their users.Our use of mobile friendly design and responsive application development ensures you are staying up-to-date with modern trends.IVC displays expert level experience developing applications which use postgre SQL.Also provided are outsourcing services for our clients including hardware sizing, installation, performance tuning, monitoring, and support for both the database and application.

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This framework provides performance, concurrency, and the ability to use a single programming language for the complete stack.