Vista taskbar clock stopped updating

Posted by / 07-May-2017 13:29

Vista taskbar clock stopped updating

He recommended that I try the same thing, so as the last resort of a man clinging to the ragged edge of my sanity, I did... (Cont...)This is going to sound crazy, but this works!

Over a two-day period, I tried every suggested remedy that I could find, both on the blogs and on Microsoft's outdated and virtually worthless "knowledge" base - I re-booted in Safe Mode and ran Spy Bot Search & Destroy, then I replaced the battery and reset the BIOS, I selected and re-selected all the known time servers on the planet.

He had inadvertently discovered a fix for his system while updating his creative suite.So, I followed his steps above, changed time zone (and the time just to test the update working), removed the Flash Player and rebooted.When the clock appeared with the updated correct minutes and seconds (proving it worked), I changed the time zone back, reinstalled Flash Player, and all is well again.check that this issue isn't being caused by any Windows 7 desktop gadgets.If the problem persists, try changing the system registry setting as per the below.

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Thanks to Michael in Strawberry for his posting above.