Violence and abuse in teenage dating Ladyboys seeking sex marriage dating

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Violence and abuse in teenage dating

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Intimate partner violence (IPV) has been a well examined and documented phenomenon in adults; however, there has not been nearly as much study on violence in adolescent dating relationships, and it is therefore not as well understood.

The research has mainly focused on Caucasian youth, and there are yet no studies which focus specifically on IPV in adolescent same-sex romantic relationships.

Assaults by romantic partners often aren't isolated events.

Boys and girls who have been victims of dating violence are more likely to get into fights, carry a weapon, use alcohol, use marijuana or cocaine and have sex with multiple partners the study says.

Researchers don't know if any of these events causes the others, however.

Emotional abuse is commonly present alongside the physical abuse or sexual abuse that takes place.

Sexual violence in dating relationships is also a major concern.

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Dating violence is violence that occurs within a dating relationship rather than, say, marriage; and dating violence is as much a problem for teenagers as it is for adults.

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