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Therefore, industry methodologies and practices are needed that can promote safe cleaning techniques so that firefighters are not continually exposed to unclean or inadequately cleaned gear.

Also, it is important to set cleanliness criteria for the continued use of firefighter protective clothing.

ANTICIPATED OUTCOMESThe proposed research will identify carcinogenic exposures throughout the fire shift and measure the effectiveness of interventions designed to reduce cancer risks.

Validation of Cleaning Procedures for Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)RELEVANCEFirefighter exposure to personal protective equipment (PPE) that is dirty, soiled, and contaminated is an increasing concern for long-term firefighter health.

Traditionally, these tactics are taught with both classroom and hands-on evolutions in fire department training buildings.

The modern fire environment responds much differently to ventilation and fire control than once believed.

Study of the Fire Service Training Environment: Safety, Fidelity, and Exposure RELEVANCEThe fire service is in the midst of revamping their tactics as they adapt to the changing structural fire environment.

These tactical changes require an evaluation of the principles of fire service operations, specifically ventilation and suppression.

The extent to which firefighter chemical exposures and biomarkers of effect can be reduced by following risk management steps will be determined.

Gear cleaning recommendations from many manufacturers are vague and most cleaning product/process claims are unsubstantiated regarding contaminant removal effectiveness.

Prior studies have identified persistent chemical and biological contaminants in structural fire fighting PPE.

Firefighter exposure to persistent harmful contaminants in PPE is an increasingly serious problem both on the fireground to highly toxic substances including a variety of carcinogens, and more insidiously to an increasing range of infectious pathogens that are encountered in patient care and different emergency operations.

Firefighter PPE becomes contaminated during these exposures and there are no industry standards that conclusively and reliably show that clothing is being adequately cleaned.

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However, the same general methods will be used for both tracks.

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