Validating bodies

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These levels are common across the different frameworks in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including the FHEQ (which starts at level 4), allowing the difficulty of a qualification to be equated, e.g.level 6 is at the same level of difficulty as a bachelor's degree and level 8 is at the same level of difficulty as a doctoral degree.For comparison, the largest RQF qualification at level 8, the CMI Level 8 Diploma In Strategic Direction and Leadership, has a size of 67 credits.By Lorraine Gillies, Senior Manager, Audit Scotland It can be a challenge to convince some funders, academics, policy makers, health bodies, inspectors, auditors and assessors that the creative and relational are just as important as quantitative measures in health, wellbeing and social justice.Validation therapy is more than simply validating a person's feelings, although that is one component of it.Validation therapy focuses on helping the person work through the emotions behind challenging behaviors.Feil is a social worker who grew up immersed in the care of older adults: her mother was a social worker, and her father was the administrator of a nursing home.Imagine that your mother, who has Alzheimer's disease, lives with you in your home and frequently calls out for her own mother.

Different studies conducted on validation therapy have different conclusions, with some stating that it's effective, and others determining that it's no more helpful than a placebo.

These behaviors are viewed essentially as a way to communicate those emotions, especially in people with memory loss, confusion, disorientation, and other symptoms of dementia.

Validation therapy was developed over time, between 19, by Naomi Feil; her first book on validation was published in 1982.

Where is the evidence that although all the processes are in place and the boxes are ticked that someone still feels that they aren’t getting the help they need, for example?

I was recently involved in a research project led by Dr Marisa De Andrade from the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh that asked some pretty tough questions about how we ‘measure humanity’.

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‘Validating the feels’ – or getting these approaches ‘quality assured’ – calls for a reconceptualization of the evidence base as you try to represent community members or individuals lived experiences.

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