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Validating an assessment tool

A statistically significant difference in the total ACE score was observed and corresponded to the level of training: on a 0-15-point test, the mean ACE scores were 8.6 for EBM-novice; 9.5 for EBM-intermediate; and 10.4 for EBM-advanced (p The 15-item ACE tool is a reliable and valid instrument to assess medical trainees’ competency in EBM.

The Fresno test requires 60 minutes for users to complete, and a larger investment of time and resources for its grading.To provide a complete suite of instruments to assess EBM competency across various patient scenarios, future refinement of the ACE instrument should include further scenarios across harm, diagnosis and prognosis.Evidence based medicine (EBM) is now well established as a discipline across a variety of medical, allied and health sciences curricula.DI developed the initial version of the ACE, with the remaining four authors modifying the tool to ensure that all steps of the EBM process were adequately addressed.The 15 items assess four of the steps associated with EBM – the exception being the last step of evaluation.

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