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If your packages shows as "Delivered" to the same City and Zip Code as you mailed it from, chances are the incorrect status is due to an honest error.Post Office employees are people, too, and sometimes they make mistakes.It was a temporary, minor hassle, but it ended up ok when the item was delivered for real.Did you check the tracking number on the usps website?Tracking for international shipments does stop after arriving in Bell, CA, but please know that your shipment is still on it's way to you even after tracking visibility has been lost. To sign in to leave a comment using your AB Verify User Name, fill in the form that normal, or does it sound like something's gone wrong?These are my first swaps and I'm scared that they're going to be messed up somehow.

However, a USPS customer service representative should be able to provide you with updates via their internal tracking database.

Learn more about your options to get tracking updates from USPS.

If your package shows as "Delivered" to the wrong destination, as well as "Archived", odds are that your package received a recycled tracking number.

Sometimes I can view more tracking information there than I can on the ebay site.

I would also take the tracking number and ask the post office to trace the package.

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They actually *do* respond to comments and complaints, and pass on the issue to the correct local post master to sort out.