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Usher raymond dating

But once the documents were made public last month, a woman who said she slept with Usher in April filed a million lawsuit against him for giving her the disease.

Later, she says a security guard came up to her and asked for her number because Usher was 'interested in her'.

She says herpes is a medical condition and nothing to be ashamed about.

However, as a highly-contagious disease that can cause high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, and expensive treatment - Bloom says that usher should have told his sexual partners about his diagnosis.

Of course Usher's biggest fans are probably a little jealous that the hottie is officially off the market, but let it be known, he married one hell of a woman!

Not only is Grace Miguel a bad ass boss bitch, she's also inspirational, worldly and a family woman! She's from Brooklyn: Grace Miguel was born in Brooklyn and raised by her mother.2. Though she is known by friends and co-workers as Grace Miguel.3.

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