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Music, for instance, offers Xbox Music Pass subscribers quick links to new releases, a top 100 playlist and popular music videos.

Similarly, both the Games and TV & Movies categories feature a pair of tiles showcasing content tailored to the user's interests based on previous activity, with a third tile offering a wider selection of recommended content. Thankfully, recommendations can be culled using the new Dash's rating system -- thumbing the X button on the recommendation page allows you to pin an item, dismiss it or rate it out of five stars.

Pinning on the Xbox doesn't work like that – yes, items can be "pinned," which adds them to a special "My Pins" sub menu, but pinned items don't take up residence in a feature that would have allowed users to make use of all those extra tiles, customizing unique home screens that was representative of not only their own use, but of Microsoft's entire design aesthetic.

While the pin menu does offer quicker access a list of favorites, its halfhearted implementation robs the plentiful panels of their full potential.

So, what does the Dashboard's 2012 Fall update bring to the table?

Even The various sections that make up the Xbox experience now feature between nine and twelve tiles per category,each serving up a mish-mash of system functions, product advertisements and recommended content.

HTML5, on the other hand, hobbled along at a workable pace (see the above mentioned video content), but not necessarily a strong one.

The additional ad-space is handled better in some channels than others.

Microsoft told us that the new Dashboard was little more than a minor branding tweak, as far as the media services went, and that it wasn't representative of the future of Xbox Music and Video.

We'd be willing to bet that TV and Movie ratings will come in the official update, as will some additional branding swaps: we still found a few Zune logos hiding in the deeper levels of the new Dashboard.

Must be time for another Xbox 360 Dashboard update.

Every year Microsoft Drops the console a little bit of code to match the descending leaves, delivering new features, interface tweaks and additional content to hide behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall.

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