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Rubie: Which one do you prefer 1403689444: What do you nean? 1403689444: It is an old koputer 1403689444: Yes! Rubie: and i assure you this will be fix Rubie: Shall we go ahead an help you upgrade it to windows 10 instead?You might need to update drivers in Windows when a new piece of hardware you've installed doesn't work automatically or maybe after upgrading to a new version of Windows.You can call the IWindows Update Agent Info:: Get Info method to get current version info about WUA, but you can't determine if that version is the latest.If you receive a WU_E_SELFUPDATE_REQUIRED error message when you use the WUA API to perform a scan, download, or install, this error tells you that the version of WUA is out of date.You can use this installation package to install the latest released versions of WUA or the latest released versions of the file.

Note: I created this step by step guide to to accompany my original How To Update Drivers in Windows how-to guide.Windows Update Agent (WUA) automatically updates itself when it is connected to a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server or to Windows Update.You can also use a signed installation package that is available from Microsoft to manually update WUA.If the running version of WUA is too old or if WUA isn't running at all, install the most recent version of WUA (or at least a current version of WUA). Rubie: windows 10 home for 9.99 or windows 10 pro for 9.99 Rubie: ? Rubie: The good thing is you will get it from us, we ill also help you get this fix Rubie: and make sure that everything is working okay 1403689444: I kontakt you again if I hawe any problenss 1403689444: Will do.

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Updating drivers is also a great troubleshooting step when the device is having some kind of problem or is generating an error, like a Device Manager error code.

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