Updating models and their uncertainties Free adult dating chatting site

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Updating models and their uncertainties

As the implications of a UK exit from the EU become more understood from a risk and exposure perspective, each organization will need to evaluate how the new political and regulatory environment impacts their organization (e.g., supply chain risk, directors' and officers' increased exposure, trade credit and political risk, etc.).

At that point, organizations will need to determine if or how their risk mitigation strategies may be structured or changed to transfer any layer of risk they would like to move from their balance sheet.

In the meantime, it is important for organizations to start the process of considering, and to the extent possible, start a process of adaptive planning for various Brexit scenarios.The risk of needing to pay more in contributions should be factored in financial planning in light of Brexit.Beyond cash flow impact for companies in the financial sector, regulatory capital positions will be important and could directly affect a company’s ability to operate.The UK and Europe faces considerable uncertainty in the coming years and business must prepare for change as the UK seeks to forge anew its global economic and political position post-Brexit.To help our clients better understand what this may mean for their business, Aon experts have analysed the recent Government white paper on Brexit and sought to provide answers to some of the key issues raised.

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