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Knowing is more factual (semantic) whereas remembering is a feeling that is located in the past (episodic).Tulving has seminally defined three key properties of episodic memory recollection.All episodic memories concerning a dog will then reference this single semantic representation of "dog" and, likewise, all new experiences with the dog will modify the single semantic representation of that dog.

For example, all encounters with how a "dog" looks and sounds will make up the semantic representation of that word.

For example, if one remembers the party on their 6th birthday, this is an episodic memory.

They allow an individual to figuratively travel back in time to remember the event that took place at that particular time and place.

Researchers do not agree about how long episodic memories are stored in the hippocampus.

Some researchers believe that episodic memories always rely on the hippocampus.

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These are a subjective sense of time (or mental time travel), connection to the self, and autonoetic consciousness.

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