Updating cattaraugus cemetery

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Updating cattaraugus cemetery

Olean is located on the north side of the Allegheny River at the confluence of Olean Creek and the Allegheny River, and has served as a major center of transportation, commerce, industry and agriculture.

Today, the city is centered around the intersection of State Route 16 (Union Street) and State Route 417.

The majority of the dwellings are wood frame construction, and are sheathed with clapboard siding or synthetic siding (asbestos, aluminum or vinyl), in some cases installed over the original clapboard.

Some residences have a combination of surface treatments such as wood shingle siding, (both plain or decorative, flush board siding and half-timbering with stucco).

The properties west of the Oak Hill Park are excluded for the same reasons and are located at the bottom of a steep slope that visually separates the area.

The southwest boundary contains a large modern manufacturing facility that has been excluded from the district.

The Oak Hill Park Historic District contains 76 contributing buildings, 31 contributing structures, and 13 non-contributing components.

There are six non-contributing principal buildings in the Oak Hill Park Historic District.

The coming of the Erie Railroad at mid-century, augmented Olean's growth with an emphasis on tanning and lumbering as the main industries.A small number of houses are considered vernacular with little or no discernible stylistic features.Many of the dwellings are complemented by intact, late nineteenth century carriage barns or earl twentieth century garages.The Oak Hill Park Historic District is located one block northwest of the main business corridor near the intersection of Union Street and State Street.The Oak Hill Park Historic District represents a wide variety of mid-to-late nineteenth century thru early twentieth century architectural styles, including exceptional examples of Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Stick, Colonial Revival, Late Gothic Revival, Art Deco, Craftsman, Collegiate Gothic, French Eclectic, and Tudor Revival style buildings.

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The Oak Hill Park Historic District features a variety of relatively large-scale, highly sophisticated buildings erected between ca.1849 and ca.1937, and is characterized by a remarkably high degree of integrity.

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