The formview fired event itemupdating

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Designed to render tabular data, the Grid View is partnered by Details View and Form View that render out the content of a single record at a time.

NET 3.5, the family of “view” data-bound controls has a new addition – the List View control.

NET data binding model underwent a significant refresh with version 2.0, mostly due to the introduction of data source controls and data binding expressions.

NET with a declarative model for data fetching and data manipulation.

For the update to work you must get the primary key of the user.

This is done by setting the primary key as the Datakey Names in the Form View control.

Take a look at the code below on how to set the Data Key Name for your Form View control.

For example, the Grid View control is just a smarter version of the Data Grid control that, among other little things, fully supports the new data binding model.Let's create a simple Header Template that will display the information in the Header of the Form View control.As, you can see in the code above that the Header Template simply contains a simple Label which display the Text "User Details". I have marked the Header Template with a red circle to make it clear. As, you can see from the screenshot above that Item Template displays the First Name, Last Name and Address.NET, for iterating data templates for all the records in a data source.NET provides Repeater and Data List controls, but they only support data source components for fetching.

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In this article I will demonstrate that how you can enable paging and switch between different modes in the Form View control which includes (Edit, Update and Cancel).

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