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The brilliant, if cynical and obnoxious, creator of the Omnitrix.A hundreds years old Galvan (Grey Matter's species) considered as the smartest being in three galaxies, Azmuth created the Omnitrix as a mean to allow all specie to be in each other shoes and better understand each other, and as by this way promote peace.When arriving on Earth, she assimilated Gwen's DNA (the first person who touched her pod), causing her to turn into a female human.Sunder was actually sent by Azmuth to retrieve her after she had been missing.Though they possess advanced knowledge in technology like all Galvans, they are incredibly dumb when it comes to practically everything else.Lucy is a Sludgepuppy, a species of shapeshifting sludge aliens, and Ben and Gwen's cousin-in-law.A mysterious girl met by Ben, Gwen and Kevin during vacation.She arrived on Earth in a spacepod, with no memory of who she was beside her name.

Though the team was initially unconfortable with this, Ben comes to befriend him, and frequently asks for his help into searching informations.Though initially intending to turn her back into a device, Azmuth agreed, after a short argument with Ben, to keep her as an assitant instead..Julie was originally a girl Ben met following one of his soccer matches.She is the cousin of Joel Tennyson's wife, Camille Mann.While she mostly uses her powers for espionage like things, she is fully capable of kicking ass. Since the future is constantly changing, and there are various timelines, we have seen different versions of Ben 10,000 over the course of the franchise, with at least two confirmed to be from different alternate futures (the third one is... An alternate version of Ben, whose own version of Grandpa Max died shortly before he received the Omnitrix and who thus had to teach himself how to use it.

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A trio of alien superheroes introduced in the Original Series, first met by Ben when they came on Earth to track Sixsix and Vulkanus.

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