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Sugardaddie com online dating site

Know The Value Of Their Time And Energy: Whether they are a busy university student, mature single mother, a successful executive or a passionate entrepreneur, both know that their time is valuable and they therefore prefer to be clear in their matching criteria.

A Sugar Baby is an adult (over 18 years) man or woman who is attractive, ambitious, intelligent and seeking a lifestyle that matches their dreams and goals in life. Learn from Sugar Daddies / Sugar Mamas who are Rich in Success and Rich in Knowledge.

In return for the naming rights to their town, residents reportedly got free satellite television through 2015.

With a name like Sugar Daddie, life would be pretty sweet ...

or at least that’s what one online dating site is telling a small Georgia town.

The site, Sugar, which helps match older wealthy male suitors with younger women, is attempting to persuade Sugar Hill, Ga., a Atlanta-outskirts town of about 20,000, to adopt its name as part of an epic publicity effort.

The dating site has so far offered .75 million to the city to change its name to Sugar for 10 years.

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Sugar Hill Mayor has reportedly made a counteroffer to the company, under which the city would decline to change its name but would deem its official city candy bar the Sugar Daddy for $2 million.

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