States mandating infertility insurance coverage

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States mandating infertility insurance coverage

Not just about the diseases, or the vaccines, but what constitutes good health.

These parents do everything to ensure their children remain healthy and happy, and understand the risks involved in ALL the diseases, how to prevent them if possible, how to treat them at home, risk factors for the diseases and complications, and so on. Learning the truth about tetanus is what is most important.

Tetanus vaccines has been a part of of mass inoculations since the 1940’s. Since the 1950’s a child received 4 DPT shots by the time he is 18 months old.

Even after that, for life, any time anyone steps on a nail or gets a minor cut, tetanus “boosters” are routinely given.

Make sure you see the packaging and/or insert of the immunoglobulin shot to ensure it is the right medication” Tetanus Toxoid = Vaccine Tetanus Immunoglobulin = Anti-Toxin 2. The extra oxygen kills tetanus spores additionally.

Cuts, scrapes, nicks, and wounds need to be cleaned.

They didn’t want him to receive the 3 in 1 shot, but they were scared about tetanus, because he had stepped on a nail that day. Why do they have to receive diphtheria and pertussis too? Does stepping on a rusty nail really warrant a tetanus vaccine? I love one of the recent status on The Thinking Moms Revolution site the other day.

If the story of the boy is true (which I doubt, because the story has a million holes in it), then based on what the parents are quoted saying, I have some major issues: “As soon as they (the doctors) said it was tetanus my other two kids were vaccinated the very next day, against all childhood diseases.” I couldn’t agree more with a comment I read on the Great Mother’s Questioning Vaccines fb page: “If this article is in fact true then these parents are very reactionary and motivated purely by fear.

Sometimes they claim to have a “T” only vaccine, which is untrue. Due to a hack on our sites we cannot retrieve the origin of some articles used on this website. Articles are also from our friends, colleagues and fellow freedom fighters like: org,

This creates a dangerous situation because the vaccine will not take effect soon enough if your child was exposed to Tetanus, and even if the vaccine did take effect soon enough, vaccines don’t work for everyone. A good soak in some Epsom salts to help with wound healing is good. Put hydrogen peroxide, which is H2O2 (extra oxygen) after any significant wound injury. Sometimes I just love reading things that are humorous and sarcastic, but get the point across almost better than a 125 page article on the history of tetanus. We appreciate the great work and research of Jeff Rense, Dr.

They read a few scary stories and decided not to vaccinate then had a scary experience and vaccinated the heck out of all their kids.

Not my kind of parenting role models regardless of their stance on vax” You can read the original story (HERE) As you read it, it is very obvious this article was a push for vaccines and not really about the boy with tetanus.

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…parents who make a scientifically informed choice don’t make important health decisions on the basis of conspiracy theories online, or call themselves ‘hippies’, or assume that having a science degree makes them well informed; neither do they suddenly find out they are ignorant the night their child falls ill” -Immunization Awareness Society for Informed Choice You can read the full article (HERE) Anyways, all of this can easily turn into a debate over whether or not the article about the unvaccinated boy is true or not. “Tetanus is the name of a sickness you get when the bacterium Clostridium tetani enters your body and flourishes (with a life cycle).