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Sspx catholic dating

Upon hearing about Archbishop Lefebvre's public announcement, Cardinal Gantin, Prefect for the Congregation of Bishops, issued a formal monition to Lefebvre against the latter's intention to consecrate bishops without papal mandate.Cardinal Gantin warned Archbishop Lefebvre that to proceed in the illicit consecration of bishops would be interpreted by the Vatican as an act of schism.For if one looks at the decree canonically establishing the SSPX, one sees that Bishop Charrière is cautious in his approval of the SSPX, decreeing as follows: 3.We approve and confirm the Statutes, here joined, of the Society for a period of six years ad experimentum, which will be able to be renewed for a similar period by tacit approval; after which, the Society can be erected definitely in our diocese by the competent Roman Congregation.

Thus it was in light of the above historical background that Archbishop Lefebvre's followers claim to have obtained permission from François Charrière, the diocesan bishop of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg to found the SSPX as a priestly society "of common life without vows," That the SSPX was canonically constituted according to the Pio-Benedictine Code is generally accepted, however, some ambiguity exists as to the object of their establishment.

He was assisted in the act by His Excellency Antonio de Castro Mayer, retired bishop of Campos, Brazil." Defiant in their belief that the Second Vatican Council had undermined the Church during the post-conciliar era, Archbishop Lefebvre and his followers had come to believe that a grave crisis infected the Church which necessitated the illicit consecration of bishops.

Among those Lefebvrites who were present for the episcopal consecrations, the belief in an impending ecclesiastical apocalypse being averted through Lefebvre's actions is encapsulated in the following excerpt taken from Bishop de Castro Mayer's public declaration during the Mass of Consecration: This is the situation in which we find ourselves.

As what, exactly, was the Society established; a Priestly Fraternity, or, something else?

A G E N D A Website, September, 1999 1.1 The Canonical Establishment ad Experimentum of the SSPX 1.2 The Canonical Suppression of the SSPX 1.3 The Suspension ab Ordinum Collatione of Archbishop Lefebvre 1.4 The Suspension a Divinis of Archbishop Lefebvre On June 15, 1988, having recently broken off negotiations with the Vatican, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre stood before a press conference gathered at the international seminary he had founded in Ecône, Switzerland.

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Therefore, the purpose of the present paper is twofold.