Southern rules of dating

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A thousand thoughts ran through my head at that moment– maybe there were no napkins nearby, maybe he didn’t want to disturb me by excusing himself from the booth or perhaps he went temporarily insane.

Soon after contemplating my own questions about his chewing gum, the bill arrives at the table, and he quickly picks it up, thanking our gracious hosts for the evening and for the introduction.

As I scan the room, I quickly see the table hosting my friends and the “guy of my dreams”. “I just ran a seven minute mile today – my best time in years,” he proclaims.

“I consider myself quite the athlete, how about you? Moments after my dashing date begins to attack the chicken wings with a vengeance, I notice something unusual out of the corner of my eye.

So if you have big dreams of moving off to Africa, or Minnesota, this relationship won't be going anywhere, and you can kiss it goodbye."Sexy" and "bae" don't work for me.

If you want me to question your maturity and your stance on this relationship, then by all means go ahead and try those words out on me.

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Rule #2 -Smile a lot and tell those crazy stories about your Blanche Dubois-style mother. Rule #3 which is not a Southern rule, but pertains to this story anyway -Open yourself to love.

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