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They are not as interested in changing the world as the Mature soul.

Old Soul Levels In her book, Varda Hasselmann describes the seven of the old soul as follows: Level 1 - Act against conventional morals from inner conviction Level 2 - Honestly admire yourself, dispense with the admiration of others Level 3 - Combine precise introspection with active results Level 4 - Unite your well-being with the welfare of the community Level 5 - Follow a path unwaveringly without knowing where it leads Level 6 - Impress by being, not by doing Level 7 - Receive without giving, give without receiving Old souls are philosophically oriented and strive to see the bigger picture. They are generally compassionate and kind but should guard against a streak of arrogance.

Being an old soul represents the final stage in the reincarnational journey that consists of five soul ages in total: infant, baby, young, mature and old.

They may even seem lazy on the surface -- although they can work very hard if the task is meaningful, and unlike the other soul ages, they can have fun working.

Old souls are also prone to dabble in a multitude of hobbies, perfecting a skill or talent and then tossing it aside in favor of something else.

Most Old Souls’ Monads [experiential units] have to do with BEING.

We remind you that in terms of Evolution of the Essence, the Old-Soul Cycle is the most demanding of all, since memory of all the past [lives], its debts and payments, as well as the experience of the [past] lives, is within the [conscious] grasp of all those in this Cycle." (MFM, p.

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145) In general, the old soul will seem relaxed and laid-back, with an amusingly bedraggled appearance that may reveal wrinkles in their clothes and a softly rumpled look.