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Single parent dating rogerson idaho

Freedom Trail Why you’ve got to go: Boston is the birthplace of the American Revolution!

Kids will have so much such fun following this 2 ½-mile red-brick road, they won’t even realize it’s “educational.” What to do: Pick up a self-guided map from any visitors center, and start the trail at Boston Commons (Redcoats camped here), passing Granary Burying Grounds (see graves of John Hancock, Sam Adams and Paul Revere), the Boston Massacre Site, and Paul Revere’s House.

Bioluminescent Bay Why you’ve got to go: Glow-in-the-dark plankton light up the water like magic — so cool!

What to do: Charter a guided excursion, led by companies like Kayaking Puerto Rico and Yokahu Kayaks.

Take in the lively scene from an outside table at Café du Monde, famous for its yummy beignets (warm French doughnuts smothered with powdered sugar).

A quick stroll along the Mississippi River leads to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas (the reef tunnel is amazing) and the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium (creepy crawly thrills include bug-tasting).

Tour at your own pace, stopping along the way for lunch at Quincy Market. At the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, kids can reenact the revolt by hurling tethered tea crates into Boston Harbor.

Get there when your kids are: Gradeschoolers More info:4.

Get there when your kids are: Gradeschoolers More 3.Yellowstone National Park Why you’ve got to go: It’s America’s very first national park and has the highest concentration of geysers in the world!What to do: See Old Faithful, which shoots steam sky-high every 90 minutes, and then move on to the other geysers, stinky mud pots and multi-colored hot springs within walking distance (check out the flower-shaped Morning Glory Pool).Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Why you’ve got to go: From bayou blues to Beatlemania to heavy metal to hip hop, your budding Bieber or Taylor Swift wannabe will have a blast walking through the halls of rock history.This glass-walled museum is filled with fun memorabilia (view Michael Jackson’s sequined glove and a Lady Gaga dress), cool concert films (now playing U2 3D) and interactive exhibits (don headphones to hear interviews and performances).

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There are so many things to do, see and explore, it always seems challenging to find a starting point.

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