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The famed Canadian love of hockey remains well reflected in the list, with hockey players more popular among Canadians than their artists, inventors, authors, and explorers.She took a break from the limelight after hitting the big time with You're Still The One and That Don't Impress Me Much in the late nineties.I think if one clear message can be drawn from these results it's that French Canadians barely participated in the CBC's poll.When Canadian polling firms do national surveys on the "greatest Canadian" Rene Levesque is usually winds up in the top three.The couple separated in 2008, amid rumours he had an affair with her best friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud, and finalised their divorce in 2010.

The only possible case for suspicion would be Shelia Fraser, who may have been chosen as the result of a "protest vote" by anti-Liberals.Apparently simply opposing the US in a war makes you an instant Canadian in our minds. I counted Pierre Burton as an author, but considering he spent about as much time on CBC as he did writing books, it may be more fair to count him as TV personality.If that was the case then TV personalities and actors comprise the majority of popular Canadians, followed by politicians, with military figures and musicians tied for third place.Laura Secord and Sir Isaac Brock were both staunch British loyalists and would never have considered themselves as anything else.The Indian leader Tecumseh didn't even live on Canadian soil.

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It makes sense in my opinion as I think Canada is a fundamentally political nation.

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