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'The six-year-old goes, "Oh, how many followers do you have?" First of all, it was almost like one of those contests that is like, how big is your d**k,' he said.'And this kid slapped her huge d**k on the table and was, like, a six-year-old who goes "Oh, I have 125,000." Her d**k was almost as big as mine.'Shane continues replaying the conversation, adding:'And I said, "OK little big d**k, why do you have so many followers? Skyecandy is a new venture that combines video chat with speed dating.If both vote yes, you can continue to communicate on Skype.

I don't understand that.'His dumbfounded co-anchor thus tries to explain to Shane why looking at pornographic images of children is illegal, but struggles to find her words.'Because there's a naked b— Because they had to— Because somebody took a picture of a naked baby,' she finally says.'And by the way they're not googling "naked baby." They're googling, like, I'm not going to say what they're googling, I mean I watch a lot of Law and Order so like—'Incredibly, Shane cuts her off at that point to share more damning revelations.'But here's the worst part of it, I actually went to Google and I'm like, "I want to see..."' he begins.

“It gives you a good chance to speak to people in a more comfortable environment and there’s no pressure.” The basic matching service is free for Skype users.

Down the track, Ryan plans to add refined matching features such as searching for people with specific hair colour or religious backgrounds.

The online video speed-dating service is the brainchild of Melonie Ryan.

She came up with the idea after viewing a documentary about speed dating and being contacted at random by people wanting to start a conversation on Skype.

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An audio clip has surfaced featuring You Tube megastar Shane Dawson attempting to 'justify' paedophilia, calling a six-year-old girl 'sexy' and recounting how he once looked up 'naked baby' on Google.

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