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It starts out quick as his time of regret is shattered when he gets a phone call from a killer who just kidnapped the 12 year old daughter of the Senator (Michael Moriarty). However, they are disposable and essentially unneeded, and only rationalize familiar clichés.

Some of them are fun, but they seem to crawl out of holes in the plot.

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While going through the files on the computer at Megan's desk, Agent Hickley describes GIFs to Dr.

And it is particularly vulnerable to logic, or perhaps it is just poorly edited. His entire plan would be shot to hell because each clue he leaves sets the police up for the next one.Biblical prophecy is a mystery even to most who read the Bible.The reason for that is that people lack the vital key that opens understanding of those prophecies.For instance, what if the detectives missed any of the killer's clues? So I question: why do killers always want to play elaborate cat and mouse games with detectives?Unlike "Kiss the Girls," "Along Came a Spider" lacks suspense and thrills because there is little tension in its structure.

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"Along Came a Spider," based on a novel by James Patterson, is not on that level.