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He mirrored the backs of the shelves to reflect the plates and visually expand the room.

He also lacquered the sides of the shelves a rich dark brown and painted the shelves and frames white.

“She squealed a bit, but settled down quite nicely when we got her in the van – in fact, she was one of our quietest passengers,” PCSO Kedward remarked.

IN A DRAMATIC reversal of his personal policy, Cllr Emlyn Dole, the Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council has okayed the flying of the flying of the Rainbow Flag over County Hall this weekend.

Walls, mantels, sideboards, high plate rails, Welsh dressers, and end tables are prime places for showing off beautiful plates, and a variety of plate holders and plate hangers are available to assist the process.

Although, the council’s cross party group on constitutional matters (CRWG) had decided against amending the authority’s flag protocol, effectively enforcing a presumption against flag requests from any individual or organisation, as The Herald revealed this week the power to order the flag to be flown was Cllr Dole’s all along and he told the newspaper that his personal view was that no flag should be flown in preference to requests made by other campaigning groups, for example Holocaust Memorial Day or the Aberfan Memorial last year.

Exquisite annual blue and white plates that still come from these two Danish works remain favorites with collectors today.

IF you collect plates, how do you make the most of their decorative value?

“If they see a gap, they will get through it.” Initial attempts saw Thumbelina run under the back of the police van, until a concerned member of the public diverted its attention by feeding it Jaffa Cakes.

Going back to the drawing board, PCSO Kedward hit on the idea of using ‘pig boards’.

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PCSO Jeff Kedward told The Herald that he had been driving through the village when he was flagged down by a van driver who told him that he was on the phone to the police about the free-range porker.

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