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With the return of British Summer Time, today's ride will be a little longer than of late, ending around 17.00.

There is usually a lunch stop at a café or pub, or bring a picnic if you prefer. The annual charity ride to St Andrews in aid of leprosy relief.

On this page, you'll find details of all organised bike rides in or near the Scottish capital.

A short informal ride of 12 - 15 miles, which will be taken at a gentle pace with plenty of stops.Meet: 10.00, at the Usher Hall, Lothian Road [map]. Further information: Spokes, or contact Stuart Threlfall (01)An easy-to-moderate ride, suitable both for occasional cyclists and those with a little more experience.These runs are a good choice for riders who are comfortable pedalling 15 - 20 miles in a day, but might not feel ready for a long strenuous day in the saddle.Edinburgh Bike Paths: A Cyclist's Guide How to get from A to B on two wheels.Escape Edinburgh by Bike These routes will get you out of the city quickly and safely.

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(If you haven't cycled for a while, or are unsure of your abilities, consider starting with Easy Cycle instead; their runs are listed elsewhere on this page.) Most rides are around 20 miles, and are taken at a "sociable" pace (8 - 9 mph over the day, which is not so fast that you can't keep up a conversation).