Sex chat example in indonesian

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Sex chat example in indonesian

If he’s aged 18 months to 2 years, he should use media only when you or another adult can use it with him.Older children and teenagers If your child is older, carefully chosen TV programs, movies, apps and computer games can offer many developmental and social benefits.Screen time is the time you spend on screen-based activities each day.Current guidelines recommend limiting children’s screen time and making sure it doesn’t take the place of enough sleep and other activities like physically active play, creative play and socialising.Young children If your child is aged under two years, using media with an adult can help keep him connected with people he loves – for example, a fly-in fly-out parent.But if your child is aged under 18 months, he should use media only for video-chatting.You can help your child get media benefits by being involved with your child and her use of media – for example, you can visit quality websites together, encourage your child to use educational software, and watch TV shows that offer extra learning opportunities.When you’re watching TV and movies together, try discussing how the plot works, how your child feels about what’s happening, and what would happen in real life if you behaved badly or illegally.

Computer games that give young children simple choices – choosing a character or finding a background for a picture – can also help your child make creative decisions.

Movies or TV programs with good role models can also positively influence your child.

Good role models are people or characters who are doing things or behaving in ways that you wouldn’t mind your child copying, or that you’d like your child to copy.

Making their own movies, taking photographs, and creating online content can help them develop critical thinking, social, technical and artistic skills.

This can also make them aware that their opinions and decisions matter.

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