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S., but apparently available over the counter in the U. “This over-the-counter medicine contains promethazine, a sedating antihistamine.Usually administered on the advice of a GP to treat motion sickness or discomfort from certain allergies, it has become the secret weapon for many middle-class mothers embarking on long-haul flights.

The workshop was hosted by Sallie Boschung, a Vancouver French immersion teacher who has flown extensively with her two children all around the world.

When I expressed my fears to a friend, she suggested that I consider giving the kids Benadryl, Melatonin or Gravol to make them sleep them during the flight.

But, behind this simple suggestion lies a heated debate.

**Those For** “I have taken quite a few airplane rides with my boys and rarely travel without the Benadryl,” confesses one mother of two. Tim Johnson, Shanghai East International Medical Center, likewise believes that sedating children on long plane rides might be a good option for some parents.

“Long haul flights are difficult enough, and fractious children, especially more than one, can make the flight intolerable for the parents as well as others,” observes Johnson.

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But I do question the logic of basing that decision on what’s best for fellow travelers rather than what’s best for the child.