Samoan dating culture

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Samoan dating culture

The land is passed down from generation to generation, usually to children who were well behaved and obedient.

Samoans tend to live in proximity with multiple generations of family, wherein parents, their married children and grandchildren all live together in separate houses in one land area. They will maintain family ties with family in Samoa in various ways, such as remittances.

She is required to be connected to the family or village by blood and is a daughter of a Matai (specifically an Ali’i).

If the Matai of the aiga is a female, she will be the head decision-maker of the family.

This reflects the close relationship one may have with extended family.

The aiga potopoto system is also important to help determine the land one inhabits.

Samoan youth tend to meet at church activities or in the village.

Sometimes, permission of the male’s family is also sought prior to marriage.

It is generally very important to reach an agreement and forge positive connections between a couple’s families. The first marriage ceremony is generally a civil ceremony whereby the marriage becomes official in terms of the law.

Younger people are expected to defer to their elders and those of higher status than them, such as the Matai.

Children are taught from a young age to respect their elders, avoid shaming their family and to sustain certain aspects of tradition.

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It is common for people not to consider a marriage as complete until the first child is born.

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