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Therefore, this review comes from respect and good intentions. I am 100% responsible for not thoroughly reading the campaign's description. But I really thought that the main story would be told in a comical way of raising a daughter.

I did not realize it was about a father who, as Julia Wertz of New Yorker puts it, a father who "is just as confused and anxious about [raising kids] as every parent is, or should be." With that description, one can determine the graphic novel's theme.

There's his take on gendered toys, masculinity, American politics, Christmas, and more. Only one of the pieces has any color, but Dawson is notable for his shading.The first quarter of the graphic novel is about how the author didn’t have the time or energy to write or draw.I mean, he basically made a graphic novel about not being able to make a graphic novel.I've read many of these comics online, but collected in a book, it hits all the harder. It's my review based on how I interpreted Mike Dawson's graphic novel "Rules For Dating My Daughter." Additionally, I do not have any animosity or any ill wishes against the author.I would just like to provide my own opinions about some of the issues he adverts in the graphic novel.

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in charge of the detention of students on Ditch Day, and C. gets even by detaining Bri Paul had grown accustomed to Cate taking care of their son and two daughters.

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