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Ru fdating com mailbox

COM to be exclusively a Graham Hancock site, but a place where ideas and perspectives on the past can be put forward and discussed by other writers and researchers as well — and indeed by anyone with something interesting to say and the ability to say it.

Panama Leaks issue and strategy to shut down the capital came under discussion during the meetings.

The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: Psychedelic Marine by Alex Seymour 26th August Living With Radiation — Heal and Protect: Initiation of the Three Worlds by E.

Haze 11th May Ayagogy by Roan Kaufman 18th April Summer Solstice by Ted Harper 17th April The Dead Saints Chronicles: The ancient myths of humanity begin to yield their secrets by David Warner Mathisen 1st March Linguistic characteristics of Non-coding DNA: Striking new geological evidence for the worldwide flood roughly 12, years ago by Michael Jaye 24th November Guide to the Kolbrin by Yvonne Whiteman 17th October Brothers in Alms by Ted Loukes 28th September The Quest by Leonard Wolf 23rd September Art and rock art express the structure of culture by Edmond Furter 29th August Inspired by the writings of Plato by Robin Maxwell 29th July David 28th July Magma by Anthony Cummins 2nd July Beardsley 8th June Interesting Anomalies in the Digits of Pi by G.

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Then realize your only communication was snail mail.