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Stone and Parker never shy away from touchy subjects or current events,covering everything from Scientology to racism to every flavor of toilet humor.

Ilana, on the other hand, does everything in her power to avoid working, and instead pursues all manner of pleasurable distractions, including sexual escapes and consuming large amounts of marijuana.The stories of best friends Jake and Finn in the magical Land of Ooo are a joy to watch.Whether the duo are protecting the land from the evil (and misunderstood) Ice King or helping a young Vampire navigate her family life, .It’s no longer on the airwaves, but Yahoo recently picked up the show for an online-only sixth season.Watch now has amassed a huge audience over its six-season run, one that crosses over into numerous demographics, making it a contemporary classic for adults and kids alike.

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The show centers around a group of newly acquainted friends who attend a blunder of a community college.

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