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Proactivedating net

Tony leads by example, making conversation and getting phone numbers so that his clients can see how it’s done — and then go for it themselves.

As they go from encounter to encounter, Tony encourages his clients and tells them not to let a single rejection get them down. “The more you go out and approach women, the more comfortable you feel expressing yourself, which creates attraction.” According to Tony, all it takes is a few days of real-world practice for his clients to see that dating isn’t scary, after all.

Tony told us he focuses on the initial phases of the dating process because it’s the basis of everything.

Whether you want to take a girl home that night or spend the rest of your life with her, you’ve got to know how to chat her up and make her feel the same way you do.

They actually go to parks, bookstores, clubs, and bars to practice approaching attractive women in the real world.

So he began coaching single men to overcome their fears about the seduction game.

Today, Tony has written two books and half a million words on his blog about the modern dating scene.

He also conducts in-depth coaching programs to show single men how to attract women in any social environment.

He named his coaching business Absolute Ability because he firmly believes all men have it within them to charm anyone they desire.

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