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Polish dating fuck

While other Eastern European locations are more resistant to Westerization, Polish culture is begging for their culture to be replaced in terms of lifestyle and diet.As one Polish guy told me, “We’re doing a copy paste of your culture.” Polish girls are still friendly, and display very low attitude, but I wonder if it’s only a matter of time until that changes as well.Therefore, I have to change my recommendation that you blindly visit Poland for a long trip.If you’re an American man stepping foot in Eastern Europe for the first time, you should also plan for a comparison trip to its closest competitor, Romania.

It’s no longer automatic that Poland is great for most guys—you may do a lot better in Romania or even the Baltics.

Lean forward, smile and shake hands firmly, with affection, but not-too-strong! “Just say hi” however is a bad way of meeting your Polish date!

When on 2nd date, or even 1st date, the most appropriate will be kissing each other in both chicks.

What’s the point of dating a girl if on the weekend your bed is empty?

Conclusion It used to be that you would get easy sex from cute girls in Poland, but the percentage of cute girls are declining while their self-perceived value is going up because of the foreign horde (the fantastical hype in Bang Poland hasn’t helped).

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Polish women are training themselves to serve their corporate masters before their men, meaning they are becoming more like American women.

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