Play the dating game and win

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Play the dating game and win

These activities are extremely powerful ways to communicate psychically with your man.

I had one client tell me that an hour after outlining her guy's heart spots, she received a call from him.

She had a difficult time concentrating on the heart spots without feeling emotion for Bill. "You told me he'd call in ten days, but it took fifteen. "Well, timing can be tricky," I laughingly replied. When he called, I was happy, but not as excited as I thought I'd be. If I had to wait a few days longer, it was okay because I was completely sure it would happen," she said.

I told her that's why it's so important to keep her mind neutral. "Thank you, Louise." Shirley and Bill are now planning to move in together and are talking about setting a wedding date. Conjure offers practical fixes for a variety of human concerns.

When I was able to get her calmed down, she told me that her boyfriend Bill hadn't called for three days following an argument.

But on top of that, Shirley began to think that maybe it was over for good between them. I assured Shirley that she wouldn't die, but I did admit that the wait would be difficult for her.

She hadn't thought their argument was a relationship-ender, but maybe he did. I felt that Bill had to get over the argument on his own and no amount of pushing would make it happen.

However, aggressively pursuing him can sometimes be the wrong thing to do, as Shirley's situation demonstrates. There are some subtle actions a woman can take on a psychic level to nudge a man in her direction.

We have the power to turn the tables, and he might end up being the one waiting for the phone to ring.

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There was the usual concern that something might have happened to him and he couldn't contact her.