Pl sql trigger inserting deleting updating 1on1 sex cam yahoo answers

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Pl sql trigger inserting deleting updating

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER AUDT_TSTTRIG BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON TSTTRIG FOR EACH ROW DECLARE TIP VARCHAR2(10); BEGIN IF INSERTING THEN TIP := 'INSERT'; ELSIF UPDATING THEN TIP := 'UPDATE'; ELSIF DELETING THEN TIP := 'DELETE'; END IF; INSERT INTO MYAUDIT(MYAUDIT. NM); END AUDT_TSTTRIG; / CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER AUDT_TSTTRIG 2 BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON TSTTRIG 3 FOR EACH ROW 4 5 DECLARE 6 7 TIP VARCHAR2(10); 8 9 BEGIN 10 11 IF INSERTING THEN 12 TIP := 'INSERT'; 13 ELSIF UPDATING THEN 14 TIP := 'UPDATE'; 15 ELSIF DELETING THEN 16 TIP := 'DELETE'; 17 END IF; 18 19 INSERT INTO MYAUDIT(MYAUDIT. now i want that when any record insert,update and delete in first table data automatically insert, update and delete in next user-table .. -- error on form PDE-UTG007 trigger contains an error: PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view doesnot exist -- error on sql plus LINE/COL ERROR -------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2/1 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored 2/23 PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist 1 create or replace trigger whn_ins_vend_data 2 after insert 3 on vendor 4 for each row 5 begin 6 insert into inventory. It was an important discussion on the need for clarity of communication.for that i want to write trigger on table after insert,update and delete .. INV_CONTACT 7 ( 8 COM_CD, 9 cont_cd, 10 CONT_NM, 11 CONT_ADD, 12 CONT_STR, 13 cont_type, 14 xxcont_cd 15 ) 16 values 17 ( 18 '1', 19 max_contact, 20 :new.vendor_nm, 21 :new.vendor_add1, 22 :new.vendor_str, 23 'PARTY', 24 :new.vendor_Cd 25 ); 26 end; Hi annu-agi. Oracle utilises enough abbreviations of it's own, in addition, Orafaq is a truly international site with posters from every corner of the globe, some with excellent English skills, some with slighter weaker skills.END IF; IF UPDATING THEN /* write the code that u want to work for UPDATE statement. If you want to use IM speak, use MSN messenger or the like. If you start calling names, don't bother coming back. The original post on that point was made with a degree of sarcasm and was clearly meant as a minor dig and bit of a joke.END IF; IF DELETING THEN /* write the code that u want to work for DELETE statement. If you want to start a serious conversation with Oracle professionals, use professional language not . The offender then took far too aggressive a standpoint using abusive language which In My Opinion warranted the slating that he/she got.

Here, we have created a trigger which ensures that we don’t enter any Admin who has a salary less than 1000.

It is not possible to refer an old value when inserting a new record or to refer to new value when deleting an old record For Each Row: This statement is used to specify whether the trigger being developed is a row level trigger (each row gets influenced) or a statement level trigger or a table level trigger (executes just once when the PL/SQL statement is executed).

When (Condition): This statement is valid only for a row level trigger.

But are they granted those right EXPLICITLY or via a ROLE? if you run select * from all_tab_priv where table_name = 'INVENTORY' For both the users, does the same table appear (please run and post the results.) Jim But that doesn't prove that you have the permissions directly and not through a role, does it?

Another test: in SQL*Plus or equivalent, SET ROLE NONE; This temporarily disables all roles that you may have.

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