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For the best spot to see sakura, hike a further 30 mins from the summit until you reach the Takaosan Senbonzakura area and enjoy the different varieties of trees in bloom.

With all that experience they've developed a great product over the years.How to get there: Take a Keio Railways train (50 mins) for S (JPY 390) from Shinjuku station to Takaosanguchi station and then hike the mountain!With over 600 cherry trees, the spacious Yoyogi Park is a fun place to .How to get there: walk from Harajuku station Read more: 6 unique hotels to stay at in Tokyo Asukayama Park is one of Tokyo’s most revered and famous places for viewing the blooming cherry trees.The park is perched on a hilltop and is much quieter and smaller than more popular spots such as Ueno and Sumida, so is great for a breather from the crowds and also features a cool playground which includes a disused train and tram, perfect for kids to explore.

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As many of the trees here are late blooming varieties, if you miss the peak blooming period in Tokyo head here to get your dose of sakura this year.