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Prior to the advent of modern computers and online gaming of course, “live roulette” was literally the only game in town.

Since the dawn of online casinos, standard online roulette generally involves the use of a computer interface resembling a video game.

It also gives people who are tired of regular online roulette a chance to “up the ante” and try their hand at a real, live game and the range of account funding options on offer these days means it’s simple to get your account set up.

People who are looking to enhance their online roulette experience and play a more professional, high-rolling game should choose live online roulette.

Before getting started with the pros, cons and tips of live roulette, we’ll make a quick review of the distinct types of roulettes available to play live at online casinos: French Roulette Also called European roulette, this type is the most common through land based and online casinos, so this is probably the roulette you know and have seen before.

The slots are divided in: one green slot for the zero and 36 number slots; 18 red and 18 black.

The wheel is then spun and the ball moves around eventually landing on one of the spots at which point money is either won or lost.

The name, as many people will know, comes from the French term for “little wheel” and during a roulette game players place bets on either numbers on the roulette wheel, the possibility of odd or even numbers or even on a range of different numbers.

For unexperienced punters this might not sound as a big modification, however bear in mind that having two zero slots available decreases the player house edge, while the French roulette with one zero slots turn the house edge in favor of players.

Once you have decided to dive into real live online roulette, you might want some tips for getting the most out of your dollar.

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